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“The Bridge Between Business and Management Education”




12 August 2016

Sydney Business School, Sydney




Speaker: Dr Colin  Sharp, MBA Program Director, - UniSA Business School

 “Preparing for career change: Engaging Graduate Students in WIL outcome self-determination and self-assessment using e-Portfolios for Research Skills Development & Goal Attainment Scaling

Presentation Abstract

MBA students have invested heavily in their education as a basis for their career development. How are MBA programs preparing them for industrial disruption? Most of what is provided as an ‘assurance of learning’ is academically driven and based on experience of the past. The presentation invites conference participants to consider how they may use various tools in addressing students’ engagement in assurance of learning and the facilitation of career development learning for MBA students, as they face the challenges of industrial change. This paper shares some preliminary work to show a way of using teaching and learning frameworks and technology to offer more student engagement in developing and measuring MBA student learning outcomes and enhancing their career development tools. It outlines an ongoing study of MBA students’ goal setting about their capstone strategy project, which entails using individualised goal attainment scaling (GAS) along with their e-portfolio as tools for facilitating flexibility of goal setting and associated learning outcomes and as a followup measure for their self-monitoring of their performance in terms of their career, workplace and personal goals in anticipating change.

Presenter’s Biography

Almost 18 years as Associate Professor of Management (including ‘Program Director’ or ‘Director of Studies’ of graduate management programs) across four higher education programs, teaching and advising higher education students on choices of post-graduate courses and research programs and their careers after graduation, especially in management positions.

Over 10 years in auditing and accrediting of higher education programs. Thirty years as the Managing Director and principal evaluation consultant for one of the oldest research & evaluation consultancy businesses in Australasia (which has been recognised through the Australasian Evaluation Society - see