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12 August 2016

Sydney Business School, Sydney




Speaker: Mr Andrew Reeson, Principal research scientist - Data61, CSIRO

 “The evolving workforce: The changing nature of employment and training in the digital economy

Presentation Abstract

At CSIRO’s Data61 we are examining how the nature of work and employment could evolve over the course of the next couple of decades. A number of Megatrends are evident, including an ageing and more diverse population with a growing demand for high quality services, more flexible working environments, more opportunities for entrepreneurs and a workforce with ever higher skill levels. And perhaps most significantly, the exponential rate of technological change continues to disrupt employment, automating existing jobs and creating new ones. As with previous technological revolutions, prophecies of doom for the human workforce will prove exaggerated. However, the skills required in the labour market are changing rapidly, and many individuals and firms will face painful disruptions. Understanding how these changes are likely to play out will help us prepare for the opportunities and threats we face. If we use strategic foresight wisely, this time really can be different!

Presenter’s Biography

Dr Andrew Reeson is an applied economist in CSIRO’s Data61. His work combines behavioural economics with econometric modelling to address issues of national significance to Australia. Recent projects include:

Other interests include auction design, information systems, health and environmental economics (see Google Scholar).